International Infopage for Ashtanga Yoga

With Bandha, Drishti, and Ujjayi your body becomes a temple ...

... when breathing and asana, tension and concentration come together into one unit. So with Ujjayi, Bandha and Drishti you create the foundation of your practice, and the spiritual dimension of Ashtanga Yoga develops.

Tristana – The Lotus Blossom of Ashtanga Yoga

When movement and breath fuse together, the energy carries the body seemingly effortlessly and focus moves from the exterior to the interior, we reach Tristana. Or: through vinyasa, bandha and drishti we achieve the spiritual dimension in Ashtanga yoga practice. more »

Ujjayi Pranayama - the victorious breath

The beauty of unifying breath and movement is truly majestic. With the breathing techniques of Ujjayi pranayama we can open a gateway, melt snow, or ride the waves like a surfer. Experience it here … more »

Vinyasa - like beads on a garland

Vinyasa arises from merging breath and movement into one another. Asanas become the pearls on a thread, thoughts like raindrops in the ocean, practice becomes an energetic track in the ether, the breath like the rush of the sea... more »

Using bandha to control energy from the breath

Two poles of a battery between which energy flows – in this way bandhas conduct breath through the body. Working against the force of gravity and achieving lightness. Here you will find the necessary bandha know-how... more »

Asana + direction = alignment

An asana alone does not define you as a yogi. Only the interaction of breath and energy, lightness and stability, falling back and advancement will open the door for you to the wealth of experience of the infinite cosmos of yoga. If this is understood, the direction, or alignment, results in the asana arising almost by itself. more »

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