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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hello Yogini and Yogi,

we have packed for you our dear Christmas wishes in the attachment. It is awesome to share the enthusiasm for Ashtanga Yoga Innovation with you.

Here you can find our workshops and retreats for the... more »


In memory to Guruji – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois | AYI News

Hello Yogini and Yogi,

वायुर् अनिलम् अम्र्तम् अथेदम् | भस्मान्तम् स्हरीरम् ||
vāyur anilam amrtam athedam | bhasmāntam sharīram ||
Now breath becomes wind, the immortal, and this body may end in aches!

These are the ending... more »


Let your tradition live and an opportunity for Yoga teachers | AYI News

Hello Yogini and Yogi,

Does tradition have to remain static? Yes - say many traditionalists. Leaving old paths often is answered with a head wobble: "Wrong method - no benefit." But tradition should be alive, says Dr. Ronald... more »


Merry Christmas from AYI

Hello Yogini and Yogi,

a year full of action comes to an end. We hope you celebrate the last days in calm and cozy sourroundings. Let´s start the new year full of yogic energy. Svatmarama says:

न वेषधारणं सिद्धेः कारणं न च... more »


Merry Christmas and a good start in the New Year

Hello Yogini, Hello Yogi,

विशोका वा ज्योतिष्मती
viśokā vā jyotiṣmatī
Your focus torwards the inner light (jyotishmati), that is free from suffering (vishoka), will guide you to internal peace – the aim of Yoga. [Patanjali... more »


Enjoy the Devanagari learning game at

Hello Yogini, Hello Yogi,

योगेन चित्तस्य, पदेन वाचां मलं शरीरस्य च वैद्यकेन । … maybe you are trying to figure out which Mantra am I writing to you for a start in this mail? To help you that such questions will soon be past for... more »

30.10.2012 in new clothes, International Workshops with Ronald Steiner

Dear Yogini, Dear Yogi,

big changes were observed on We worked hard to make it more convenient for you to get to the info you are looking for. You will find lots about Ashtanga Yoga, it’s practice, philosophy... more »


Find an Ashtanga Yoga teacher nearby

Dear Yogi, Dear Yogini,

A lot of things have changed at since my last email. Meanwhile the search function for yoga teachers has proved to work with about 400 searches a day. Yogis are especially looking for... more »


facelift of

~ OM ~

Dear Yogi,

Have you seen the little face lift of I spend some time for a new design and even more time to improve the content. I hope you enjoy surfing the information. If you stump over some... more »