International Infopage for Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga positions (Asana, poses, postures) and dynamic movement (Vinyasa) for Ashtanga

The complete system of Yoga positions (Asana) and dynamic movement (Vinyasa) from Ashtanga Yoga. This includes detailed pictures of all poses as well as explanations. Let it flow!

Yoga is 99 % practice and 1 % theory. Asanas give the body a new shape and allow us to excel beyond our limitations. Thereby the physical practice symbolizes our spiritual way: the willingness to refine ourselves and the confidence to change. Yoga allows us to think outside the mat. After all, a posture is not what you have, but something you make. Thus Ashtanga is a powerful tool, we should handle carefully, because – if misused – can be dangerous as well. With a Russian accent it sounds like this: „Ashtanga-Yoga very practical – like a Kalaschnikow!“

Therefore the advice from Ronald Steiner:

You should use the Ashtanga series as a guideline and with an experienced teacher only. During your practice, pay careful attention to the instructions regarding the level of experience needed for each series.