International Infopage for Ashtanga Yoga

Yogis for Yogis: Discover knowledge, be part of it and get involved! opens up knowledge of Ashtanga yoga to you. Arjuna, Dr. Ronald Steiner, would like to share that with you and introduces you to people on this web site who support him with his work. Would you like to be part of it? Then find out more here...

These people work behind the scenes of

This webpage lives and grows continuously – thanks to all the people who support Arjuna (Dr. Ronald Steiner) in his work, discuss its contents intensely (till their heads smoke), work meticulously on a design for the website, programme the web site and contribute pictures, ... more »

Looking for fellow Yogis! is a non-commercial info-guide – and lives on the love of yoga. We are happy to involve everyone who would like to share their knowledge and experience with others and support us. Are you in? more »

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