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Warm-Up Sequenz für den ganzen Körper

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What to expect in this video

In this video tutorial, Dr. Ronald Steiner along with yogini Sara will demonstrate a therapeutic sequence to warm up the entire body and to get prana flowing.  The warm up sequence is one that Ronald uses in his classes as well as in his own practice. In addition to this therapeutic sequence, Ronald offers some advice for yoga teachers. 

Warm up sequence for the fascia

This therapeutic sequence is ideal for the start of your yoga practice. With this warm up, the joints are able to warm up and are provided with the needed lubrication to start moving. The self massage technique will warm up the entire fascial network. With the warmth generated and the special movements of this sequence, you generate and distribute the needed lubrication to the joints as well as nourishing the fascia. These are important aspects of maintaining a healthy body. 

Therapeutic sequence: activate prana

The warm up sequence will not only affect your fascia, but also on your energetic frequency. The application of friction and massage you are able to increase the flow of energy though the body. The special exercises geared at opening your energy channels will increase the flow of energy in your body. 

What was you experience?

We are pleased that you are practicing with us and we are curious to know how this sequence worked for you. How did your practice feel after the warm up sequence? Could you sense the prana flowing as you moved? We would love to hear from you!


  • Minute 01:24 - Rub hands together
  • Minute 01:55 - Face massage
  • Minute 02:54 - Ear massage
  • Minute 03:50 - Neck massage
  • Minute 04:58 - Lower back massage
  • Minute 06:29 - Knee massage
  • Minute 07:04 - Leg massage
  • Minute 07:38 - Knee circles
  • Minute 08:51 - Arm massage

Have fun practicing and let us know your thoughts and experiences on this practice by posting your comments below. 

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