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Length 42:41 Minutes
for Beginner
Challenge 4
Type traditional Ashtanga (practice)
Language German



In this video we will show you how to cover a complete and well-balanced Ashtanga practice in just over 30 minutes. Ronald and Katja guide you through the individual phases. They demonstrate how to safely perform the postures and exercises, even as a beginner. 

Get ready

Following the recitation of the traditional opening mantra, Ronald and Katja will guide you through a short pranayama practice. By practicing these breathing exercises which are typical in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition, you begin to draw your focus inward in preparation for your personal yoga practice. At the same time you begin to deepen your breath. Focus on creating a steady and smooth yet powerful breath which will accompany you in your physical practice. 

This breathing technique will help to anchor you in your practice of the subsequent postures. You will quickly discover how this type of breath will both energize and calm you in this breath-led moving meditation. Take advantage of the potential of this technique during your practice!

Transitioning from stillness to movement

The following asana practice will be the most physically active part of the yoga practice. During this phase you will be introduced to the traditional practice sequence of the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition. All of the postures are modified to be accessible for beginners. That being said, be mindful and honor your body: do only what feels right for you and do not force anything!

It is during the moving meditation of the Ashtanga yoga practice that you begin to develop your body and mind. Your body will become progressively stronger and more flexible and your mind will become calmer and more well-balanced. The breath connects these aspects of your being and harmonizes them. It is also the metronome of your practice. For this reason, the breath deserves very special attention here. 

Constructive rest to recharge your energy stores

After this short practice sequence you will be guided back into calm which will prepare you for the final constructive rest. You can consider this a small reward for your efforts during the practice and we invite you to enjoy these moments of complete relaxation. 

By really giving yourself permission to truly relax fully you will be topping off your energy reserves. Afterwards you will be able to feel how the physical relaxation extends to your mental state and you will notice a sense of calm. Ronald will guide you through this constructive rest. Consciously experience the sensation of tranquility in your body in comparison to the previous exercises. Once you get back to your daily routine, you will return with more energy, clear mind and joyful spirit. 

We recommend this video because

With the help of this video you can do a well-rounded Ashtanga yoga practice at home. You will also become familiar with the traditional exercises of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. 

We have intentionally chosen forms of the postures that makes the practice accessible for beginners. Our goal is to help you make progress and independently develop your own personal practice. In this way you will experience the soothing effects of a regular yoga practice. 


  • holistic balance
  • increased flexibility, strength and mobility of the entire body
  • balancing effect of body and mind


This exercise video does not replace the guidance of a competent teacher. Please consult your physician prior to beginning this or any new exercise program.

Teacher Dr. Ronald Steiner
Yogi Katja Schneider
Video Gabriel Aszalos
Clothes OGNX


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