ashtanga class (de)

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Length 13:27 Minutes
for Beginner
Challenge 3
Type innovative Ashtanga (practice)
Language German



Do you seem to be unable to commit to a regular, extensive practice because of the stress and hectic of everyday life? This video is made for you! Ronald and Katja show you an example of how you can enjoy the benefits of a daily yoga practice in as little as 10 minutes, regardless of the hustle and bustle around you. The practice is intended to be grounding and to help you to carry a sense of calm with you throughout the rest of your day. 

In order to benefit the most from the practice, it is important to consider quality over quantity. In other words, it is of utmost importance that you mindfully move through the practice being as present as possible. By shutting off external stimuli, you can find rest and calm even in the most hectic of times. Additionally, we suggest shutting off your cell phone, or at least setting it to 'flight mode" so that you are not disturbed during your practice. 


Minute 0: Introduction to the practice, "Showing up on the mat" with an OM
Minute 1:17: Breath work
Minute 2:30:
Mobilizing the spine on all fours
Minute 6:45: Sun salutations
Minute 9:44: Seated poses 
Minute 10:55: Seated meditation 
Minute 11:44: Closing the practice with OM and Savasana - Constructive rest

Why we recommend this video

We are of the belief that a short, but regular practice trumps a 90-minute once a week practice. We hope the video inspires you to take a short time out every day to practice, and that as a result you can experience a bit more svatma, or a sense of your true nature, in your daily life. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the yoga apparel (teacher and student).


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