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Handstand leicht gemacht

Movement & Agility
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Perhaps you have been practicing yoga for some time, but somehow the handstand remains out of reach? With a few simple steps, you can quickly and effectively improve your handstand technique. This video provides preparation drills for handstand that are fun, and are guaranteed to strengthen your shoulders, wrists and core: all the main players in practicing a stable handstand. In this way, your body learns how to stand upside down step by step. 

Surya Namaskar (special for handstands) 

In this video you will learn a new variation of the traditional sun salutation. It is particularly effective in strengthening your wrists, arms, shoulders, hips and core. At the same time, it help to train your brain by getting it used to being upside down. 

Vinyasa (special for handstands)

You will also learn a form of vinyasa which will not only help you throughout your daily practice, but will also help you to improve your handstand technique. Your brain will continue to adapt to being upside down. And of course the key muscles needed for a confident handstand will be strengthened as well. 


Minute 0: Ronald explains the fundamentals of handstands, and where we should bring our attention to most when looking to improve.  
Minute 1:11: Mantra
Minute 2:55: Preparation and warm-up using exercises and massage targeted at the fascia
Minute 5:15: Flexibility: Stretches for the wrists 
Minute 10:40: "Monkey Walk" warm-up exercise
Minute 12:46: Anatomy of the wrists with the application of handstand
Minute 17:40: Surya Namaskar for Handstands
Minute 26:50: Shoulder girdle mobility exercises
Minute 29:22: Mobility+Strength exercises for the shoulder girdle
Minute 32:40: Surya Namaskar B up to standing postures
Minute 37:00: Partner exercises 
Minute 38:15: Independent and/or partner exercises
Minute 39:38: "Monkey Walk"
Minute 40:13: Partner exercise - keeping the shoulders long and straight
Minute 42:16: explaining the 'jump back' with a partner exercise
Minute 44:10: ROM of the shoulder - Partner or Independent exercise: Be mindful that the lower back should keep constant contact with the floor here. Rotate the arms so that the palms face one another. Draw the arms long as much as possible, all the while keeping the back as fully connected to the floor as possible. 
Minute 45:48: Partner Handstand
Minute 48:11: Exercise to improve flexibility and to relax the hip muscles
Minute 51:15: Closing mantra

If at any time during this practice you feel the need for a break, we recommend that you rest in a squat position. This will promote mobility and strength of the hips which are also two key elements of mastering the art of handstand. 

Why we recommend this video

In this video you'll get helpful tips and learn a few tricks on how to strengthen your foundation for handstands. Moreover, you will gain the confidence you need to start practicing in an open space. Ronald explains all the possible considerations when attempting handstand and offers insight in how you can practice on your own. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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