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Fundamentals: Traditionelle Form

Traditioneller Ashtanga
18:12 Minuten


In this video you will be introduced to the basic poses of the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice.  Follow the traditional count and take note of the way the poses are traditionally entered and exited. Let your entire focus follow the combined energy delivered through simultaneous breath, vinyasa, bandha and drishti. Find yourself being carried along the practice by your breath and the rhythm of the count. 

Why we recommend this video

At times we find ourselves limited by time constraints which hinder our ability to complete an entire series. Some days we are exhausted or lack the energy for an intense practice. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't practice at all. You can still appreciate the effects of a flowing, complete practice in a shorter time. This video is precisely for such days. The Fundamentals can be practiced independently from the other parts of the series, and you are still able to experience the essence of the complete practice and its beneficial effects. Who knows, perhaps the standing poses recharge you to the point that you could go a bit further in the series? If this is your case and time allows, you are primed to continue into the first or second series!

This video is ideal for those wanting to work intensively on the traditional count of the standing poses as well. Count to yourself as you practice and help yourself to kinesthetically learn the exact count of the sequence. 

Many thanks to  OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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