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Yoga am Arbeitsplatz: Schulter und Nacken

Innovativer Ashtanga
25:46 Minuten

What to expect in this tutorial

Arrive in the here and now and let go of the the hustle and bustle of your day. You don't have any appointments to run to and you don't need to balance between reflecting on the past or looking into the future. Now as we practice our mind and our thoughts can reconnect with the physical body and be present as one. 

Even in you are in the midst of a stressful day, at work or otherwise, it is important to find the right balance between effort and relaxation. Allowing yourself time to rest or relax is something that is valuable and necessary. 

Florian Sprater and yogini Anissa will show you a sequence in this video that you can practice after work, or perhaps even during your lunch break. It is intended to provide you with time to rest and relax at your desk. The exercises work to mobilize, activate and strengthen the legs and neck, and each one connects and re-connects you to your breath. Join us to practice and give yourself a little me-time. 

For whom is this video? 

A small break from everyday life does a body and mind good! Maybe you want to enjoy a bit of movement to help to relax, activate and strengthen your legs? 

With Florian's support you can re-group in the present moment. By practicing with mindful breath, you will develop more focus. This also applies to everyday life, so you can continue breathing mindfully even beyond the practice itself. This sequence can be easily integrated into your daily life and you can do it anywhere from your desk to your living room. Find your own inspiration and relaxation. 

You can do these exercises directly at your desk and you don't need any special equipment or clothing. Enjoy a short movement break whenever you want!


  • Minute 00:29 - Opening relaxation 
  • Minute 02:45 - Mobilization
  • Minute 03:24 - Shoulder warm up and mobilization
  • Minute 05:45 - Upper chest mobilization sequence
  • Minute 06:35 - Leg sequence
  • Minute 07:35 - Lower extremity mobilization and relaxation
  • Minute 10:28 - Hip joint mobilization
  • Minute 10:40 - Hamstring sequence
  • Minute 11:58 - Standing balance sequence
  • Minute 14:03 - Standing neck sequence
  • Minute 17:17 - Seated twist for a healthy spine
  • Minute 19:18 - Loosening up tension in the torso
  • Minute 19:48 - Closing Sequence, progressive muscle relaxation
  • Minute 21:20 - Autosuggestion 
  • Minute 23:20 - Travel to your energy source in silence
  • Minute 24:38 - End of practice

Have fun practicing and let us know how it went by sharing your experiences in the comments box below: 

Many thanks to  OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student). 


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