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Schlusssequenz: Basic Form

Traditioneller Ashtanga
15:21 Minuten

What can you expect in this video?

Neck and shoulder tension or pain in the upper back or shoulder girdle are not uncommon occurrences. Such tension is often a result of weak muscles, which are prone to tense up. In order to strengthen these muscles, we recommend that you practice the Finishing Sequence first in the Basic form. 

IN this variant, we focus on strengthening the muscles without overwhelming them. Shoulder stand and headstand are switched out for more appropriate variations. Just as in the Basic form of Sun Salutations or Foundation poses, this practice can be done as an independent practice, or at the end of your practice. In any case, this and any Basic form is meant to help you connect with your breath and to practice a moving meditation geared at harmony. The practice in any form will provide the benefits of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.  

For whom is this video helpful? 

If you have a sensitive neck or know that the shoulder and upper back are not strong enough for headstand or shoulder stand, then this sequence is just right for you.  Plow pose (Halasana) and Fish pose (Matsyasana)  are also executed in a more neck-friendly way. In this way your neck is not going to be overstretched in any direction. 


  • Minute 01:00 - OPening mantra
  • Minute 02:35 - Adho Mukha Śvānāsana and breath cultivation
  • Minute 03:00 - Salamba Sarvangasana 
  • Minute 04:20 - Halasana 
  • Minute 04:50 - Karna Pidasana 
  • Minute 05:56 - Pindasana 
  • Minute 06:21 - Matsyasana
  • Minute 06:48 - Utthana Padasana
  • Minute 07:27 - Shirshasana
  • Minute 08:21 - Shirshasana B
  • Minute 08:57 - Shirshasana C
  • Minute 10:06 - Yogamudrasana
  • Minute 10:53 - Padmasana
  • Minute 11:53 - Utplutih
  • Minute 12:23 - Vinyasa to Standing
  • Minute 12:35 - Closing mantra
  • Minute 13:43 - Shavasana

Have fun practicing this version of the Finishing Sequence! We would love to hear your experiences. Share with the AYI Community by posting your comments below. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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