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Length 38:52 Minutes
for Beginner
Challenge 3
Type relax & recharge (practice)
Language German



In this video Ronald and Verena invite you to try out a series of exercises meant to help you observe your body as it transitions through periods of tension and relaxation. By mindfully exploring how your body changes as you shift between the two you will be able to better find a sense of what balance is for you. Ronald will also guide you through a relaxation meditation which includes a body scan exercise. 


Minute 0: Welcome
Minute 0:50: Bhadram-Shanti Mantra
Minute 2:43: Begin tension exercises
Minute 4:08: Relaxation phase
Minute 11:56: Physical exertion phase
Minute 20:20: Exercises on all-fours

Why we recommend this video

This tutorial offers an exciting new perspective on the practice of yoga and can inspire you to alternative ways of practicing. This is an especially good tool for those days when you feel too tired or fatigued to practice, because it allows you to start to build up gently and decide how and to what intensity you wish to move. Moreover, this is an excellent practice in developing healthy tension and support in different joints. When your joints are well-centered, you are able to find the stability to create even more space in the body. Try it out for yourself and share your experience with us!

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).


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