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Zweite Serie: Traditionelle Form - 2. Teil

Traditioneller Ashtanga
14:20 Minuten


In this video with Pia and Ronald, you can watch and practice the second part of the Intermediate Series starting from Bharadvajasana. As in Part 1, there will be no Sun Salutations at the beginning. Instead you will be going directly into Bharadvajasana. Ronald will then count you through the poses until Karandavasana. From there, decided if you want to continue flowing through your practice independently or perhaps finish here with Savasana. 


Minute 00:50: Opening mantra
Minute 2:15: AMS to the first pose of the second part of the Intermediate Series 
Minute 2:27: Bharadvajasana 
Minute 3:57: Ardha Matsyendrasana
Minute 5:26: Eka-Pada Shirshasana
Minute 7:06: Dvi-Pada Shirshasana
Minute 8:18: Yoga-Nidrasana
Minute 9:19: Tittibhasana A
Minute 9:44: Tittibhasana B
Minute 10:18: Tittibhasana C
Minute 10:55: Pincha Mayurasana
Minute 11:32: Karandavasana
Minute 12:55: Closing mantra & Savasana

Why we recommend this video

Perhaps you want to focus on the poses in the middle of the Intermediate series specifically? If so, this gives you the support to work on those poses without having to practice the entire series at once. Another way to use this video is to practice the count, or to be guided in a flowing practice. This video can also be used simply to help immerse you in the fluidity of a breath-supported moving meditation. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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