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Yoga am Arbeitsplatz: Rücken und Hände

Relax & Recharge
24:48 Minuten


Do you feel exhausted and drained after a long day at work? And at that you know you've only exercised your brain for the most part? It is important, especially during stressful days like these, to incorporate constructive rest breaks into your daily schedule. Equally beneficial is a bit of physical exertion, which will help the body and mind to relax better and will allow you to add a touch of strength. Taking a movement time-out will do your body and mind a ton of good and you will quickly welcome this addition to your daily work program. 

Thanks to the AYI Method, we can adapt the practice to meet the most diverse needs. It not only means that we can modify to the practitioner's needs, but also the environment in which the practice takes place. Florian's class applies this principle and has adapted the practice to work in an office at your desk. 

Along with Anissa, Florian apply the Ayi Method to guide you through two gentle forms of the Sun Salutation B using a chair. In practicing these forms you can strengthen your back muscles and wrists. In this form you don't even need special clothing or a mat. You simply decide when you need a break and move from the comfort of you own desk. 


Minute 00:40: Opening relaxation
Minute 03:28: Sun Salutation B with chair
Minute 10:40: Sequences for strong wrists and back muscles
Minute 18:05: Constructive rest
Minute 19:10: Auto suggestion
Minute 23:30: Close of practice

Why we recommend this video

If you ever feel that you need to take a short break from work, this video is perfect for you. Perhaps you are looking to add a bit of strength to the back and wrists during the day, or maybe you would just like to be guided through a short breath-based moving meditation. In any of these cases, this video has something for you!

Of course this can also be looked at for an alternative form of the Sun Salutation B using the chair. It is a great starting point when you are moving from a sedentary period into activity because it awakens your tired muscles and mind and you may find new energy and inner balance afterwards. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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