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Do you like As a member you can access exclusive content and more benefits. Furthermore you support AYI through your membership and help to spread the love of yoga in this wold.


Your opportunity

Join the try out membership for only 54€ (34€ students price) - valid until 31.3.2019.

The try out membership offers all benefits of the AYI practice membership. But it ends automatically, without the necessity of a notice, after three month. If you are a student on request also after two month. Just if you use the reduced price option of the membership for a teachers training or further education course, the span extends to regular (6 Month).

monthly contribution 
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 19 / 9 €  79 / 59 €
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Do you like - Support extensive free Yoga information

Thousands of pages full of free information about traditional Ashtanga Yoga and Yogatherapy - It's practice and philosophy. With your membership you enable this work of Thank you!


No Yoga school nearby? - Join our online yoga classes

Exclusive as a member you are most welcome to our online yoga classes. You can ride the wave of a guided class even when there is no teacher available. Enjoy your practice!


A recall for (e.g. therapeutic) techniques? - Just look up your E-Learnings

Often questions arise only when using a technique in real world. As a member you can recheck a technique for an E-Learning (e.g. MTC) you participated successful in. We even give you updates and you can discuss the topic with others.


10% discount on teacher training, further education and books

We are grateful for your support and give you wherever we can (events and books) a discount.

Pays this off?

  • 10% discount on a teacher training come to about 300€, on one MTC about 30€.
  • 1 year study membership costs you 228€ (108€ for students).

Unlimited practice at the AYInstitute Ulm

For all who live in Ulm or visit Ulm frequently. As a practice member you can practice for free at the AYInstitute Ulm.

Pays this of?

  • Practicing 1x per week costs on our "weekly" card 169€ (149€ reduced) for three month.
  • Practicing unlimited comes through the practice membership to only 79€ (59€ reduced) per month.

Become a member now

Take the chance of our try out membership 54€ (39€ for students) - valid until 31.3.2019.

  • The Study Membership has a span of 12 months to start. Subsequently, it can be terminated monthly.
  • The practice membership has a span of 6 months to start. Subsequently, it can be terminated monthly.
  • The membership is part of the AYI teacher training and further education and therefore VAT-free according to § 4 no. 21a) bb) UstG.
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