3 Rivers Ashtanga Yoga Practice Group

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1393 George Washington Way, Richland, WA 99354, USA
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3 Rivers Ashtanga Yoga Practice Group
Patrick Paulson
1393 George Washington Way
Richland info@3rivers-ashtanga.org

Please excuse me if I'm not getting the fields right--no facility with German.

Our area has a lot of people moving in and out of it. When I moved here 7 years ago I couldn't find any ashtanga teachers or practicioners. So I set up the web site and have practice sessions twice a week in hopes that people moving here who have an ashtanga practice will have a place to practice.

While my preference is to practice orthodox ashtanga (knowing however, that doesn't mean the same thing to everyone) I have never been to Mysore and only rarely get a chance to practice with authorized/certified teachers;; but I'm up front with telling people that they should not use me as their teacher, but mostly as a practice partner.

Still, it would be great if you could list us so that people will be able to join our group when they move into the area.

Thanks so much for your site, I make heavy use of your practice sheets and often refer to your asana descriptions.


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