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Sonnengruß A und B in einer achtsam sanften Basic Form

Innovativer Ashtanga
19:37 Minuten

What to expect in this video?

This video shows you the Basic Form for Sun Salutations A and B. What makes this video special is that we are placing emphasis on the softness of the movements as you breathe, allowing your to cultivate a more loving approach to your movement practice. Combined with deep, calm breath, this means of practicing is in fact much more effective than pushing yourself to your limits. The fascia soften instead of harden, and they vibrate more gently. Your whole body will develop more softness and you will be able to glide as you move. 

Just like a dandelion, you will learn through tender loving care and consistency, that you can in fact develop the strength to overcome the greatest challenges. Absolutely non-violent, humble and loving. 

In the Basic Form, the more challenging elements of the Sun Salutations are replaced by simpler forms such at cat cow or bird-dog. Take the time to realize your full range of motion of your spine and observe how the breath and mind calm and seem to merge in harmony when your spine has a chance to move freely. 

These Sun Salutations can be a complete practice for you. We recommend that you take a 7 minute constructive rest (Savasana) after this calm but deeply effective practice. 

For whom is this video?

The more advanced one's practice, the more modest it becomes, naturally. Even if it is nice to handstand or balance in crow pose (Kakasana), the fascination of the yoga practice starts to be in the fine details such as proprioception, feeling each vertebrae move individually, or how to direct your breath from the nose to the toes. 

This is why we recommend this video with the gentlest of sun salutations. It takes an advanced practice to sense the subtlety in moving so gently. It also allows you to look inside and reflect as you move. Additionally, you can use this practice to gently reduce stiffness in the morning, and is generally healing for the body and mind because it trains your ability to surrender physically and mentally. 


  • Minute 01:15 - Opening mantra
  • Minute 03:00 - Breath cultivation
  • Minute 04:02 - Surya Namaskara A Basic Variation
  • Minute 09:28 - Surya Namaskara B Basic Variation
  • Minute 12:40 - Traditional Form (with Warrior A)
  • Minute 16:50 - Closing Mantra
  • Minute 18:05 - Savasana

Have fun practicing! Share your experiences with this new way of practice by posting your comments below. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).


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