The second Chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - contains instructions for our Practice - Sadhana Pada.



Sentence 10

te pratiprasava-heyah suksmah ||10||

ते प्रतिप्रसवहेयाः सूक्ष्माः ॥१०॥

te pratiprasava-heyāḥ sūkṣmāḥ ॥10॥

This burden (klesha) should be nipped in the bud. || 10||

te = it; kleshas
prati = back; against
prasava = (icc.) origin; cause; sprout;
heya = (nom. pl. m. from heyaḥ) to avoid; to overcome
sūkṣmāḥ = (nom. pl. m./acc. pl. f./nom. pl. f. from sūkṣma) subtle; fine

As Patañjali says, we can never completely rid ourselves of kleśa, which can potentially rear its ugly head along our spiritual path at any time. Thus our spiritual work in this regard is never ending. Fortunately, however, Patañjali gives us some advice as to how we can overcome kleśa.

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