The third chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras instructs us about the progression of our practice - Vibhuti Pada.



Sentence 23

maitry-adishu balani ||23||

मैत्र्यदिषु बलानि ॥२३॥

maitry-adiṣu balāni ॥23॥

Meditating on love (maitri) and the other positive attitudes (see ys 1.33) engenders the necessary strength. ||23||

maitrī = love; congeniality; friendliness
ādiṣu = and so on
balāni = power; strength

Meditation enables you to determine the nature of your feelings, thoughts and actions. Selecting a trait, characteristic or emotion for samyama will result in its developing within you. However, Patanjali advises us to strengthen only positive emotions and traits through meditation, as they help us on our spiritual path. If your samyama focuses on hatred, this feeling will grow within you and will distract you from your inner path – and thus you will never attain the state of yoga. You can only progress on the path of yoga on the basis of positive characteristics. This will enable you to feel the love, empathy and gratitude that a genuinely advanced yogi emanates.

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