The third chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras instructs us about the progression of our practice - Vibhuti Pada.



Sentence 54

tarakam sarva-vishayam sarvatha-vishayam-akramam-cheti vivekajam jnanam ||54||

तारकं सर्वविषयं सर्वथाविषयमक्रमंचेति विवेकजं ज्ञानम् ॥५४॥

tārakaṁ sarva-viṣayaṁ sarvathā-viṣayam-akramaṁ-ceti vivekajaṁ jñānam ॥54॥

Knowledge that is born of discernment transcends all objects, all beings and all time. ||54||

tārakam = (acc. sg. m./acc. sg. n./nom. sg. n., tāraka) to transcend
sarva = (iic.) all
viṣayam = (acc. sg. m. from viṣaya) object
sarvathā = (adv.) all beings; all time; entirely
akramam = (impft.1 sg.1, from a-kram) beyond succession; non-sequential; simultaneous
ca = (conj.) and
iti = (prep.) completed; end
viveka = (iic.) discernment
jam = (acc. sg. m./acc. sg. n./nom. sg. n., from ja) born of viveka; born of discernment
jñānam = (acc. sg. n. / nom. sg. n. from jñāna) knowledge

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