The second Chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - contains instructions for our Practice - Sadhana Pada.


Sentence 39

aparigraha-sthairye janma-kathanta sambodhah ||39||

अपरिग्रहस्थैर्ये जन्मकथंता संबोधः ॥३९॥

aparigraha-sthairye janma-kathaṁtā saṁbodhaḥ ॥39॥

The permanent reign of non-covetousness (aparigraha) engenders knowledge concerning the goal of earthly life. ||39||

aparigraha = non-covetousness; non-acceptance of gifts
sthairye = (from sthairya) stability
janma = birth; consequences of birth; incarnation; earthly life
kathaṁtā = (from kathaṁ) the how and why; goal
saṁbodhaḥ = (nom. from saṁbodha) understanding; knowledge