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Type innovative Ashtanga (practice)
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"Cat-cow" is one of many ubiquitous yoga exercises which may have already come up in your own practice. In this form, your cat will grow wings and take flight! Ronald and Jenny show you how to integrate this exercise to fit into the traditional movements of the primary series. 

This special form offers you the opportunity to focus specifically on shoulder, deep abdominal and hip muscle strength. These are key elements in establishing a sustainable and healthy yoga practice. Additionally, they prepare your body for eventually practicing  the traditional form of the primary series. 


Minute 0: Foreword by Ronald on the AYI Method and the subsequent practice
Minute 1:00: Tuning in with the traditional opening Mantra
Minute 3:23: Practice begins - Breath, bandha, and foot foundation
Minute 5:35: Sun Salutation A
Minute 10:34: Sun Salutation B
Minute 15:06: Standing poses
Minute 28:39: Primary Series from Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana
Minute 63:59: Bhuja Pidasana
Minute 83:27: Begin Finishing Sequence
Minute 94:34: End practice with the closing Mantra

Why we recommend this video

We want to share with you the meditative and equally phenomenal practice of Ashtanga yoga in a form that is more accessible for many people, even offering options for the more difficult asanas. In this way more people have the opportunity of experiencing the beauty of this practice in its entirety. By taking the time to breathe a bit deeper and perhaps push a bit less, even the more seasoned practitioners can use this practice format to experience more nuance in the primary series. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).


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