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AYI® Learning


The content of your entries is completely private and for your eyes only. In connection with the AYI® Learning, only the amount of entries is tracked.

Important notice of use for participants of the AYI continued- or further education programms.

Your diary for your Yoga- und Meditation practice

In the spirit of merging tradition with modern ways here you have the space to document your daily Yoga and meditation practices. The easy to handle diary quickly gives you an over few on how concentrated, regular or intense your practice truely is.

With regular use this diary has the potential to become a mirror of your physical and meditative practice as well as your life. By keeping this diary connections will emerge between your fitness, also on a daily level, your psychological state and your inner experiences on the mat. You'll see that in the beginning regularity and continuity are more important, than lenght and frequency of your practice. Later on you'll notice how Yoga increasingly integrates in your Lifestyle.

Login notwendig

Um Dein Praxistagebuch führen zu können ist ein Login notwendig. Klicke dazu rechts auf den "Login" Button. Nach erfolgreicher Anmeldung findest Du Dein persönliches Praxistagebuch hier im AYI® Learning. 

Die "Technischen Hilfen" unterstützen Dich, wenn Du Unterstützung bei der Anmeldung benötigst!