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Length 15:31 Minutes
for Yoga Therapy
Type therapeutic sequence (practice)
Language German


What to expect in this video?

In this video tutorial, Ronald and Sara will show you different variations of plank which you can do to stabilize and strengthen your core. With a variety of options for plank, including static and dynamic movements, you can build strength, prevent back pain and establish a more powerful, well-balanced yoga practice. You could start with these exercises and then for example move straight into your normal practice. 

Why is strength so important?

Yoga therapy is one of the main focus-points of the AYI®-Method. Sometimes we meet yogis that have physical complaints despite having a regular yoga practice. A very likely reason for this is that yogis tend to place extreme importance on flexibility, sometimes so much that you might start to think that 'flexibility is next to enlightenment', so to say. The reality is, that in order to have a healthy body, you need strength, endurance, coordination and relaxation in addition to flexibility. For some reason, however, strength often takes the back seat. Beware of letting this part go, because without power, your body will start to become exhausted and worn down. The vertebrae start to quiver and become inflamed - which leads to back pain. 

Don't take the easy way out!

In order to build strength, you have to exert yourself. Only when the muscles are active can they becomes stronger and prevent pain. This therapeutic sequence includes static and dynamic versions of plank. There are dynamic side plank variations as well where you make a chopping movement, requiring even more stability and activation in the torso because your body has to compensate for the wobbling. In this way, the deep muscles are also addressed and strengthened. 

Ronald and Sara show you numerous variations that can help you to dial the intensity up or down. This way you can start with the strength that you have and then build up.  Remember that if you want to increase strength, you have to push your limit, so don't stay in your comfort zone and try exerting yourself more!

For whom is this video?

This therapeutic yoga sequence is particularly valuable for your if you are very flexible and want to stabilize more to balance things out. If you have a yoga practice that is very heavy laden with stretching, or if you tend to get exhausted from your yoga practice, you will benefit from this sequence. With a stable core, all movements come more lightly. 

What will you take along with you?

We are happy that you are practicing with is and we are excited to see how this sequence works for you. You have as many options as your creativity allows here and you can choose your own intensity. 

What was the most important take home-point for you in this video? How do you modify or change things to suit you? Share with the AYI Community by posting your comments below. 


  • Minute 00:05 - Yoga Therapy: Stabilize
  • Minute 02:06 - Plank
  • Minute 04:00 - Side plank
  • Minute 07:31 - Tabletop: Purvottanasana 
  • Minute 09:09 - Plank: Wood chopping element
  • Minute 10:43 - Side plank: Wood chopping element
  • Minute 11:36 - Side plank: Arm extended
  • Minute 12:32 - Tabletop: Purvottanasana: Wood chopping element 
  • Minute 13:31 - Plank: Diagonal wood chopping element
  • Minute 14:36 - What did you get out of this practice?

Have fun practicing! And feel free you share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).


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  • Ich finde die Sequenz super hilfreich, um kräftiger und stabiler zu werden. Es ist eine Herausforderung, alles durchzuhalten, aber die Praxis danach fühlt sich definitiv besser an. Wichtig für mich [...] Ich finde die Sequenz super hilfreich, um kräftiger und stabiler zu werden. Es ist eine Herausforderung, alles durchzuhalten, aber die Praxis danach fühlt sich definitiv besser an. Wichtig für mich waren auch nochmal die Hinweise, wie wir mit den Schultern arbeiten sollen und dass wir die Schultern weiten sollen. Außerdem hat es mir riesig Freude gemacht, hier auch Sarah wiederzusehen, mit der ich ja in der Ausbildungsgruppe war. Euch allen Frohe Ostern!

  • Genial bin schon süchtig nach dieser Sequenz. Genial bin schon süchtig nach dieser Sequenz.

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