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Length 9:27 Minutes
for Yoga Therapy
Type therapeutic sequence (practice)
Language German



Have you ever wondered how an elephant is able to raise its trunk in the air?

The elephant has several layers of muscles which are interwoven in helical spirals which are interwoven throughout the length of the trunk. Through contraction and lengthening of the trunk, it is able to move in all directions. 

These properties are not unique to the elephant. Humans have similar structures in the body (i.e. the arms and the torso) which produce the same effect. When you do a handstand, it becomes clear how the opposing fascia works to help you to balance upside down. 


Minute 2:10: Activate fascia (wrists and feet), supine
Minute 3:47: Activate fascia (arm and wrist), prone 
Minute 5:24: Activate fascia that fixes the head of the humerus to the scapula, all fours
Minute 6:01: Activate upper arm fascia, all fours
Minute 7:05: Activate fascia of torso, all fours

Why we recommend this sequence

In this therapeutic sequence, you learn how to maintain healthy arms. The opposing helical layers of fascia are activated, which in turn reduced pressure in the joints. This sort of fascial exercise is particularly effective in the case of wrist, elbow or shoulder discomfort as it helps to disperse the load on these joints. 

The sequence is also great if you are learning or working on handstands, planks or even cat pose. If gives you the opportunity to further stabilize the body, and is also a great warmup to prepare for your regular practice. 

Have fun practicing and share your thoughts and experiences with is! Comments can be made below: 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and yogini).



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