yoga therapy (de)

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Length 9:53 Minutes
for Yoga Therapy
Type therapeutic sequence (practice)
Language German



In this video you will be guided through a short meditation that is grounding and will allow you to establish a deep connection to your inner Self and your physical sensations.  Discover how such a meditation practice can allow you to access a sense of being on a number of levels and can ultimately guide you towards holistic balance. As a compassionate observer you can allow your attention to travel throughout the body, to sense embodiment in each moment precisely the way it is, embracing its favorable and even unfavorable aspects with loving kindness. 

Note: If you like, you can do this meditation in sitting. 

Why we recommend this video

Our minds tend to cling to things that are pleasant and enjoyable and will often label them as 'good'. Equally, we will reject what is unpleasant and sometimes even block those things out to avoid them. In constantly seeking out what is pleasant and avoiding discomfort, we can create unnecessary stress which can take us quickly out a 'flow-state'. Through this mindfulness meditation, we can practice observing the movements of the mind with love and acceptance, regardless of how you may perceive them. This practice can help us to learn to accept ourselves and find inner balance. 

Many thanks to  OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).


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