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Therapeutische Sequenz zum Kreuzbeinbereich - Grundbedürfnis Kontrolle

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What can I expect from this video tutorial?

Get to know yourself better through these exercises for the sacrum and pelvis. Take time to discover and bring more awareness to this part of your body. Where is movement possible? How does this feel? 

The exercises in this video are intended to loosen up tension on the sacral areal. Experience how the changes in this area affect movement and suppleness. If the sacral region is tense, it is often associated with weak or insufficient abdominal muscles. For this reason, we address the core as well in this sequence. 

As you practice we start to dive deeper into the topic of control. You have the choice to do what feels right to you today, and this affirmation can help you to establish this sense of agency as you practice. 

For whom is this video helpful?

The therapeutic sequence for the sacral region invites you to take control of your life. Many of us get caught up with trying to please everyone else and the end result is that we feel that we no longer have control. 

Observe how this region of the body changes during the different exercises. You choose to practice and how intensely. The goal is to regain agency and your sense of being in control of how go about with your practice. 

Discover your new strength after standing upright after this sequence. Experience the length and space created from your practice and see you have been inspired through some part of your practice. We invite you to take that new inspiration along with you through the rest of your day.  

Interestingly, impulses such as these often arise from the area of the pelvis. The sacral region is relaxed after the sequence and it can be that you are inspired by the end of the practice.  

Have fun trying it out. Let us know about your experiences with this sequence by sharing them in the comments below. 


  • Minute 00:44: Variations supine (massage with spiky ball) 
  • Minute 03:25: Variants of the  "Sky-tickle-exercise“ 
  • Minute 04:15: Variants for the core
  • Minute 06:50: Supine exercises
  • Minute 09:10: Exercises in standing
  • Minute 10:25: Utkatasana 
  • Minute 11:18: Samasthiti 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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