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Length 9:22 Minutes
for Yoga Therapy
Type therapeutic sequence (practice)
Language German



In our lives, there is a good chance that we have or will have experiences that can weigh us down. These experiences can even start to dominate our thoughts and feelings so much that we yearn for a moment of repose. This meditation offers a strategy to create the space for just that sort of time-out. In this way, you can re-discover your inner calm. 

If you like, you could recall a stressful experience in order to prepare yourself for the meditation. It could be written down or just thought about. Take ten minutes to focus on this experience or memory that you would like to lock away in your safe. 

The meditation begins with leading you to a comfortable place where you can relax. Melanie then walks you to the safe where you can lock away these experiences. In this way, you are able to lighten your load and rest because the burden is stored away. It is always there, so you can go back to it at a time of your choice. Learn how to use this tool to help you find the right time to deal with experiences which may be too overwhelming in the present moment to work through. The main goal is to help you find your way back home, where you find yourself in peaceful balance. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).


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