Understanding Yoga Therapy: Specific techniques for yoga and alignment

Through specific exercises you can utilice the therapeutic power of yoga even more. Find inspiration and learn innovations for your practice, specifically in the field of alignment and yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapie
Understanding Yoga Therapy

Roots turning into wings

Our feet are our roots and our hands our wings... Yet on the yoga mat, this can sometimes be exactly the other way round - for instance when we use our hands to support part of our weight or even all of it.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Why strength deserves more attention

For many yogis, stretching seems to be the only way to release tensions. But what precisely is it that causes muscular tensions in the first place?

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Take a deep breath and relax

Nothing counters stress better than taking a few deep breaths into your belly. Into your belly? How is that supposed to work? With the help of the diaphragm, our most important respiratory muscle...

Understanding Yoga Therapy

The right twist for a healthy back

In Germany, back pain is one of the main reasons for sick leaves and even applications for a pension. No surprise, then, that back pain is also one of the most frequent reasons to start practicing yoga.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

A blessing for your knees

As our most complex joint stabilised mainly by ligaments, the knee is particularly prone to chronic misload and overstrain. Most injuries and pain in the knee resulting from yoga practice could be avoided, though.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

What precisely is being stretched here?

You might already have tried one of those 'hip-opening' exercises so popular in yoga. If yes, did you feel a stretch on the outside of your hip, deep under the superficial muscles of the buttocks and ask yourself which muscles precisely were being stretched? And why relaxing this part of the body felt so particularly good?

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Yoga as a form of pain therapy

At YogaExpo 2012 in Stuttgart, Dr. Ronald Steiner gave a talk on yoga as a form of pain therapy and on the general health-promoting effects of a yoga practice adjusted to the individual needs of the practitioners.

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