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Not only about Ashtanga Yoga: traditional practice and innovative alignment, vivid philosophy and age-old tradition, word-by-word translations of mantra, Yoga-Sutra and more, Sanskrit pronunciation and writing - THE info page with international teacher directory.

"Ashtanga Yoga is 99% transpiration - and 1% explanation"

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

All you need for your 99% practice of Ashtanga Yoga - and certainly also the 1% theory: Dive into the details of the traditional series of Asana, as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. But you will also find forms for a therapeutic approach to them. Join us for online yoga classes, learn about innovative alignment and philosophy. Our yogi finder will help you finding your way to a teacher nearby. Best to start with the most popular pages on AYI.info:

The AYI method


"Pure for Sure!"

A proverb from Mysore (The city where Ashtanga comes from)

Tradition and Innovation can form a team: We help you gaining always new perspectives on traditional Ashtanga Yoga. Therefore we have been active for you. These articles and online yoga classes are brand new on AYI.info:

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Loosening up the hips

In yoga one of the most common recurring stretches is the 'hip-opener'. These exercises are key to preparing the body for an entire series of poses. In pregnancy, these can also be surprisingly beneficial.

yoga therapy (en)

The Cat Sequence: Strength and flexibility for a healthy spine

Say goodbye to back pain! With the help of this exercise sequence, you can build strength and better mobilize your back. As a result you can effectively prevent back pain. Experience for yourself how your spine glides more smoothly and lightly after just a few minutes of practicing.

Inspiration for your practice

The Power of Breath

"Merging breath with movement for the purpose of experiencing 'Svātma', or our true essence." This is the message Ronald wants to share with us in his latest inspirational video. Here he will share his inspiration for the video and the story behind its creation.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Does pregnancy take your breath away?

With these simple exercises you regain the space for a deep breath. This means that your child can grow safely in a both stable and dynamic environment. In addition, you simply breathe your stress away.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Restoratives - recharge your energy supply and prepare for your baby's arrival in the world

Before the birth of a child, you probably feel like there are 1000 things that urgently need doing. At the same time, though, this is also definitely the time for some rest and recreation.


Interview with AYI teacher Peter Luppa

Who are the people taking part in the Expert Convention? And do you have to be a full-time yoga teacher to do so? AYI Advanced Teacher Peter Luppa on his yoga journey and his experiences with the AYI Expert Week

Inspiration for your practice

Ahiṁsā - The Bridge between Yoga and Karate

Martial arts and yoga are two disciplines which at first glance seem as if they were two worlds apart from one another. But after taking a closer look, it becomes apparent that they actually have quite a bit in common.

Inspiration for your practice

Riding the waves of breath

“This is Breathing Yoga – Some simple stretches but intense breathing“ This is the way Sri K. Pattabhi Jois liked to describe Ashtanga Vinyasa.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

The Perfect Core Training for Pregnancy

Dr. Ronald Steiner and Dr. Melanie Steiner explain why a strong core is so important during pregnancy, complete with some simple abdominal exercises you can do to strengthen your center.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Delighted about the new baby, but worried about stretch marks...

With these simple tricks you can offer your baby a loving space while supporting your own body. In this way you can also give your skin a chance to stretch harmoniously without stretch marks.

Inspiration for your practice

Can a Newborn Baby Practice Yoga? - and what we as adults can learn from them

We didn't know what to expect when we laid our two-week old son down between our mats. At first, he was just lying there, but then...

Inspiration for your practice

How come a new Mama suddenly gets a ton of new asana!

After a mother gives birth to a child, she finds not only her body has completely changed, but also that her emotions are in need of a good tune up in order to find harmony. Here we share our experiences as new parents and yogis.


AYI Interview with Anna Trökes

Can Yoga make you happy? Author and philosophy expert Anna Trökes thinks it can...


Everyday Mindfulness with Yoga

In everyday life our brain is constantly exposed to stimuli, which result in biochemical processes taking place. Stimulus overload without a break is overtaxing on the body and mind. Thankfully, yoga can offer us a chance for some much needed mental down time.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Get up without help even at the age of 80 - and how yoga can help make that possible

Patrick Albus explains the purpose of the Sitting-Rising Test (SRT) and how seniors can easily test their fitness at home without having to use any special equipment. Patrick explains how the test works and what it can tell us about our health and how we can use the results to improve our fitness.

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