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Not only about Ashtanga Yoga: traditional practice and innovative alignment, vivid philosophy and age-old tradition, word-by-word translations of mantra, Yoga-Sutra and more, Sanskrit pronunciation and writing - THE info page with international teacher directory.

"Ashtanga Yoga is 99% transpiration - and 1% explanation"

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

All you need for your 99% practice of Ashtanga Yoga - and certainly also the 1% theory: Dive into the details of the traditional series of Asana, as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. But you will also find forms for a therapeutic approach to them. Join us for online yoga classes, learn about innovative alignment and philosophy. Our yogi finder will help you finding your way to a teacher nearby. Best to start with the most popular pages on AYI.info:

The AYI method


"Pure for Sure!"

A proverb from Mysore (The city where Ashtanga comes from)

Tradition and Innovation can form a team: We help you gaining always new perspectives on traditional Ashtanga Yoga. Therefore we have been active for you. These articles and online yoga classes are brand new on AYI.info:


The ability to empathize with other people

Structured creativity and a lively balance thanks to Ashtanga Yoga. AYI® interview with yoga teacher and AYInnovation ® Teacher Trainer Romana Lorenz-Zapf.


Yogability: entering the world of yoga

On 1 May 2016 it was finally the big day: Yogability Herdecke opened its doors for the first time and will from now on offer perfect conditions for practice, reflection and relaxation on 130sqm.


Richard Pilnick on the “Yoga Photography“ project

Photography = Meditation = Yoga? Exlusive insights: gifted photographer and enthusiastic yogi Richard Pilnick on his latest project and his ideas on yoga and photography in general….

Understanding Yoga Therapy

An Imaginary Dresscode for Yogis - Bandha made easy!

Bandhas are one of the central techniques in yoga practice. In this interview, yogini Katarina Tauber tells you how, with the help of a number of simple images, you can lern to set the bandhas in accordance with the AYInnovation® / Bandhalign® Method.


Learning to fly: Aerial Yoga at the AYI Ulm

Take off in colorful yoga hammocks, let yourself drift and find new energy - thanks to Aerial Yoga this will now also be possible at the AYI Ulm. Discover numerous options for backbends, acrobatic experiments and much more.


Open day at Sampurna

5 years "house of plenty" - certainly a reason to celebrate! Which the Sampurna team will do with an open day. AYI® sends their best wishes and a big thank you for the great cooperation over those years!


108 sun salutations to celebrate the International Yoga Day in Ulm

What is it that you experience when doing 108 sun salutations? On 21 June 2016 - the first International Yoga Day celebrated in Ulm - the AYI® Team gave it a try and was suprised how exciting this experience was.


Former competitive athlete turns yoga teacher

From outdoor sports such as skiing and climbing to Ashtanga Yoga and AYI® teacher: how Barbara Kittel-Holmgren found her way to a pain-free and holistic balance


Regaining faith in one's own abilities - with yoga

Professional guitarist and music teacher Lisa Duhm visits a yoga class at AYInstitute Ulm - and experiences that she can trust her back and her hands. With increasing confidence on the mat, the confidence for other things in life grows as well. Ultimately, all (pleasant) effort results in the realization: "Everybody has the right to be their individual selves."


AYI® goes Urban Gardening! Raphaela Gerlach at the AYI Ulm

"Urban" and "gardening" is a contradiction in itself? Not at all! Together with the Ulm yogis, Raphaela proved that even on a roof terrace a small green paradise can be created.


A physicist at AYI®

A physicist at AYI® in Ulm - Kati Tauber visits the Ashtanga Yoga Institute.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Yoga works – meta-study shows the positive effect of yoga on mental disorders

Now we even have scientific proof: according to a meta-study, yoga has a profound, significant effect in the treatment of mental illnesses.


AYInnovation® at Mattengold (Stuttgart)

Last summer, I started an Ashtanga Yoga Innovation Training. Not because of Ashtanga Yoga, which I had hardly practiced at all up to that point, but because of Dr. Ronald Steiner, the training supervisor and founder of Ashtanga Yoga Innovation (AYInnovation®).

Philosophy and Tradition

The AYInnovation® Method - Traditional. Innovative. Individual.

AYInnovation® - Traditional Ashtanga meets cutting-edge science for a mindful alignment towards life - by Dr. Ronald Steiner.


Christian Easter seen from the point of view of the Upanishads – is that even possible?

During our Easter Retreat, we asked ourselves what the meaning of the Christian Easter festivities and the teachings of the Upanishads have in common.

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