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"Ashtanga Yoga is 99% transpiration - and 1% explanation"

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

All you need for your 99% practice of Ashtanga Yoga - and certainly also the 1% theory: Dive into the details of the traditional series of Asana, as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. But you will also find forms for a therapeutic approach to them. Join us for online yoga classes, learn about innovative alignment and philosophy. Our yogi finder will help you finding your way to a teacher nearby. Best to start with the most popular pages on AYI.info:

The AYI method


"Pure for Sure!"

A proverb from Mysore (The city where Ashtanga comes from)

Tradition and Innovation can form a team: We help you gaining always new perspectives on traditional Ashtanga Yoga. Therefore we have been active for you. These articles and online yoga classes are brand new on AYI.info:


Ashtanga Yoga with Kino MacGregor in Mysore, India

A short glimpse into the Ashtanga Yoga world. If you want to practice Ashtanga Yoga at the source, just do it!

Philosophy and Tradition

The complexity of the exercise is not significant

When we talk about yoga, Dr. Ronald Steiner is currently one of the most sought-after people in Germany. The Byoga Studio in Sindelfingen, which is now under a new management and places its focus on the so-called Ashtanga, is right to his taste. For this reason, the Ulm-based expert was happy to drop in on the opening day.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Two energy circles for the feet

In all yoga positions, a good alignment is important to maintain the health of the entire system. A correct alignment allows for a healthy practice, an ideal positioning of the joints and prevents injuries.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Yoga as a form of pain therapy

At YogaExpo 2012 in Stuttgart, Dr. Ronald Steiner gave a talk on yoga as a form of pain therapy and on the general health-promoting effects of a yoga practice adjusted to the individual needs of the practitioners.


Mysore Magic - Yoga at the Source

What is that indefinable energy that attracts Yoga practitioners back to Mysore, India year after year? There is something that cannot be explained...and this film captures a bit of that magic...Mysore Magic: Yoga at the Source.


Convict Conditioning

Training ohne Hilfsmittel im Gefängnis, von harten Typen für harte Typen, aber mit einem Foto von Ronald Steiner.

Philosophy and Tradition

The essence of Ashtanga Yoga

Warm, humid air and the sound of flowing breath permeates the room. People move, all of them through different positions, following a familiar pattern and each in tune with their own breath. A teacher walks through the room and, in a whispering voice, talks to single students, explains, assists. Apart from that, not a word is spoken, everybody practices on their own.


Yoga Expo 2012

Die große Messe für Yoga und verwandte Bereiche geht ins dritte Jahr. Yoga Aktuell hat mit den Veranstaltern über Neuerungen und Highlights gesprochen und einige Stimmen zur YogaExpo eingeholt.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

Yoga & Sports

Dr. Ronald Steiner on yoga as a complement to other sports and a therapy for sports injuries


Body Art

Ashtanga Yoga, vorgestellt von Ronald Steiner, als Ur-Inspiration für BodyArt nach Robert Steinbacher.

Inspiration for your practice

How do I find the right style for me?

Ashtanga Yoga - "Explore your own limits and learn how to focus your mind. Learn how to get deeper into individual positions without sustaining an injury. Learn how to meditate."

Philosophy and Tradition

Nine questions to...

At varying intervals, the Deutsche Yoga-Forum presents the »emerging« generation of new yoga teachers from different traditions. In this edition: Dr. Ronald Steiner.


Weck den Fakir in Dir

Auf der ersten Yoga-Expo in München findet sich eine Mischung aus spirituellen und materiellen Angeboten.


Wem hilft Yoga

Die Haltungen und Atemübungen der indischen Entspannungslehre lindern Beschwerden wie Kopfschmerzen, Nervösität oder Bluthochdruck. Unabhängig davon, ob man gelenkig ist oder nicht.


Yoga Anatomy

Das Yoga-Anatomie Buch von Leslie Kaminoff. Mit einem Bild von Ronald Steiner.

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