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Alexander Koschier

Together with my partner Stephanie I teach at Quest-Yoga in Rosenheim/ Kolbermoor since 2015. I started Yoga after 20 years of intense practice in martial arts. Already in martial arts, I liked the holistic approach/ training of power, endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility. As I turned to outdoor-activities like climbing, running and swimming, I lacked the training of flexibility and I could definitly feel, how important flexibility is for movement. So I found my way to Body-Art. There I met Stephanie, who was the teacher. We discovered our common passion for acrobatic movements, like handstand and training together as a couple is great fun! As we both have a connection to spirituality and philosophy, the way to yoga was practically predetermined. We are very lucky to have found Ashtanga Yoga Innovation an Dr. Ronald Steiner. Ronald and his method inspired us from the first moment on. Especially the combination of tradition and innovation and the profound knowlegde of the body and it`s connection with mind and soul is something with great value for me. I like to share my passion for the AYI method and movement in common with others and enjoy to inspire each other. Because every person has something very special to offer!