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Julia Hajek

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. Exactly this quote from Patanjali describes my path to yoga very well. as a fromer competitive bodybuilder, my pursuit of external success and scultping my body has always bee my top priority. This time has greatly strengthened my fightign spirit, my patience and my stamine, but I was never able to feel the effect of the full spirit on my body, and also not develop it. And so I already knew in my first yoga class: "This is exactly how I find my true core, come into my true being and find my reals task in life!" With the AYI® Inspired training, I went deeper into the Ashtanga yoga path and learned to intodruce and bring the practice closer to other people. I recognized my heart's task and would like to pass on to you the feeling of inner peace and deep trust in yourself. I look forward to many yogis here on my channel, the exchange with you and above all practicing together. A year of Ashtanga, a year full of new experiences and people, a year full of interesting philosophy and tradition have shaped me a lot and I would like to thank my teacher Dr. Ronald Steiner. I look forward to seeing you if you contact me to practice together and to exchange ideas! Thank you and Namasté