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Kumiko Weber Sakaguchi

I am from Japan and practice Yoga since 2004. After few years practicing yoga to be more healthy,Yoga became a way of being. Yoga is no longer only physical practice,Yoga is how to live here and now. It helps me to connect with my true self,which is a small universe within you. It is a pure and peaceful lake at the bottom of heart,where there is an unaffected peacefulness and silence. Since 2012,I’m qualified as Yoga instructor by „Sivananda Vedanta Center“ in Northern India,and I have participated Inspired Ashtanga Yoga Training at AYInnovation. I started teaching yoga for helping people to be healthy,but also to find inner peace through yoga practice. Teaching Yoga helps me to cultivate Love and Compassion. This is the way I feel devotion to myself as well as to the others and to the nature.