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Leni Scherer

From an early age on, Leni has been fascinated with both human physiology and philosophy and how different paradigms of these two fields connect on a spiritual level. During her medical studies she stumbled upon the practice of Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga. She then fully immersed herself in that practice and began study Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda more extensively.  Along the way she has had the opportunity to study with and draw inspiration from teachers such as Dr. Ronald Steiner, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, Tim Feldmann, Kino Macgregor, Sharat Jois, Eddie Stern, David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff, to name a few.  Leni is a licensed physician for Integrative Medicine, an AYI Expert teacher and a 500-hour Yoga teacher trainer accredited by the Yoga Alliance. In the past few years she has been teaching in a variety of settings and has been a part of numerous teacher trainings.  Being a dedicated practitioner herself, she combines her knowledge of Yoga philosophy and human physiology with her personal practical experience and manages to put it into a spiritual context with didactic aptitude.  Leni enjoys sharing what she has learned so far with anyone who is sincerely interested in continuously exploring and developing their individual practices.