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Ralph Otto

Ralph Otto practices and teaches in the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga, which he followed back to its roots in India (Mysore). Since 1999 he has been continuously and with care and attentiveness studying with his direct teacher Dr. Ronald Steiner. With Ronald's blessing he opened NaradaYoga-Center in Erlangen (Germany) near Nuremberg in 2005 and since then has been teaching Yoga as his main profession. You're looking for Yoga in order to get fit physically as well as mentally - and this all in a pleasant atmosphere? Then be very welcome at NaradaYoga! Ralph's Yoga school in Erlangen has been existing for 10 years now and offers you exactly the style of Yoga that suits you. Qualifications: Yoga teacher BYV Yoga teacher BDY-EYU Blessing to teach by Dr. Ronald Steiner Authorized to teach by Dr. Ronald Steiner M.E.L. certified (Human Universal Energy) European Yoga Teachers (EFTYTA) References: Dr. Ronald Steiner's assistant during his formation to be teacher of Yoga Formation leader for trainer "YogaTrainer" BLSV Trainer for Yoga Erlangen-Nuremberg University Head of school of Integral School of Yoga Trainer for running