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Said Baloui

Said Baloui writes IT books and programs (may be in the future he might wright about Ashtanga :-). A few words about Yoga: Thanks, David Williams ("If it hurts you are doing it wrong!" "Yoga is Zen, is Meditation") ! I want to thank the Ashtanga legend David Williams for giving up Hawaii's jungle to show Ashtangis in his workshops what Yoga is and how according to him it should be practiced. As many Western in the age "before David" I confused Ashtanga wish an "elite Gym-Workout", practiced ambitious ("How long until I master Asana XYZ?") - and as many others paid for this misunderstanding with injuries. "After David" I rather describe my Yoga like this: Who cares whether I can ever do Headstand? That has nothing to do with Yoga!" - I very much hope David can "convert" many more Ashtangis to practice in an unambitious, injury-free way. Thanks, David!