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"Ashtanga Yoga is 99% transpiration - and 1% explanation"

[Ashtanga Yoga ist 99% schwitzen - und 1% erklärung]

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Hier findest Du was Du für Deine 99% Praxis und auch die 1% Theorie brauchst: Von den, durch Sri K. Pattabhi Jois geprägten, traditionellen Übungsserien des Ashtanga Yoga, über therapeutische Modifikationen, online Yogastunden, innovativen Alignment Techniken, Philosophie und . Mit dem Suchtool findest Du leicht einen qualifizierten Lehrer in Deiner Nähe. Die beliebtesten Seiten auf AYI.info:

Die AYI Methode

verbindet traditionellen Ashtanga Yoga mit innovativer Yogatherapie - nach Dr. Ronald Steiner

Modularen Aus- und Weiterbildung für Yogalehrer » 


"Pure for Sure!"

[Garantiert rein!]

Sprichwort aus Mysore (Ursprungsort des Ashtanga Yoga)

Tradition und Innovation gehen Hand in Hand: Wir helfen Dir immer wieder eine neue Sicht auf den traditionellen Ashtanga Yoga zu finden. Deshalb waren wir wieder für Dich aktiv.  Folgend Artikel und Online Yogastunden sind ganz neu auf AYI.info: 

Online Yogastunden


Tri-guṇa is a word used to describe the three qualities of nature. Experience these three qualities physically and mentally during this hour-long practice with Ronald and Nadine.

Online Yogastunden

Basic Led Class Primary Series

Do you want to practice the entire Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, but aren't sure which form is right for you? In this video, Nadine and Ronald show you how to work your way through the primary series with the help of the AYI Basic form. Experience the benefits of the entire traditional sequence with these innovative asana alternatives.

Online Yogastunden

Basic Led Class

Back to the basics! In this video, we will show you a way to practice a more gentle and holistic form of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga sequence. Experience the soothing effects of a moving meditation set to the rhythm of your breath.

Online Yogastunden

Handstand made easy

Is it your goal to practice handstand in an open space? If so, this is just the right video for you. Here you will learn valuable tips on how to practice on your own, or even with the help of a friend. Roll out your mat and let's get started!

Therapeutische Tutorials

Depression and zest for life - Strengthen your resilience

For the past 20 years, Melanie has dedicated herself to yoga, psychotherapy and developmental psychology. In this video she draws from her expertise in these three areas, as well as her own life experience, in order to offer some insight on how you can fortify your resilience against depression.

Therapeutische Tutorials

The Knee Joint

Flexion and extension are obviously the two movements that come first to our mind when we think of our knee joint. However, there are also other possibilities. In this tutorial, we show you which movement of the knee is usually forgotten and why it is important.

Online Yogastunden

Finding serenity and peace in just 10 minutes

Our daily life is overstimulated and often very stressful. There is little time for a break. For this reason, we would like to show you how to incorporate a 10-minute practice into your daily routine, which many of us can manage to fit into our schedules. Allow yourself these 10 minutes in order to feel more calm and balance throughout the rest of your day!

Therapeutische Tutorials

Pada-Hastasana Adjustment (lateral)

In this tutorial we will show you how to apply a single adjustment technique to assist a practitioner in a variety of ways. The lateral adjustment is particularly effective in creating space along the back and deepening the breath.

Therapeutische Tutorials

Healthy Joints: Using a unicycle to get there

In this short video Ronald explains the correlation between his unicycle and a healthy hip joint. Once you have gotten the principle of tensegrity down, you will find these therapeutic exercises to promote healthy hip joint function easy to do.

Online Yogastunden

Ashtanga Yoga Pranayama

Immerse yourself in the practice of pranayama with Ronand and Kumiko. Experience how working with the breath can be an excellent tool for finding inner peace.

Online Yogastunden

Auf ganzer Linie - Alignment im Ashtanga Yoga

Wie verbindest Du perfektes Alignment mit einer fließend-meditativen Praxis? In dieser Ashtanga Yoga Basic Stunde lernst Du ganz praktisch, wie Du Deinen Körper optimal ausrichtest und gleichzeitig in Deinen eigenen Flow kommst.

Therapeutische Tutorials

The Multi-talented Diaphragm: The Handyman of the core

Most of us know that the diaphragms main function is to facilitate breathing. But there is a lot more to this multi-talented muscle. Here Ronald demonstrates what this amazing muscle can do!

Therapeutische Tutorials

One of a kind

Of course we all belong to the same genus homo sapiens. That being said, we are far from being identical replications of one blueprint. That is precisely why individuality is so important to us at AYI. We embrace the fact that each and every one of us is unique!

Online Yogastunden

Basic short practice - A 30-minute time out for home practice

A complete Ashtanga Yoga practice in 30 minutes isn't really possible, is it? In this exercise video we show you how you can have a short and sweet, yet complete practice in just over a half an hour. Take a 30-minute time-out anytime, anywhere!

Inspirationen für die Praxis

Shayanasana - The process of coming into one's own

Finding comfort while maintaining balance requires practice. Śayanāsana is the ultimate challenge of equilibrium.

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