3rd Series - Sthira Bhaga


durvasubstantive masculineName eines Heiligen
āsanasubstantive neuterSitz, Haltung

Mythology: A mythological narrative tells of a dispute between Brahmā and Śiva. In his anger, Śiva assumed a new form, one so terrifying that all the gods fled from him. Even his wife, Pārvatī, was afraid of him. When Śiva realized this, he separated this angry aspect from himself and created Durva. The wise Durva, despite his wisdom, had significant mood swings.

In the traditional Count: Begin directly from "Downward-Facing Dog" pose in the previous sequence.

Vinyāsa 7 - Inhalation, Exhalation, Inhalation:
Inhale as you jump from "Downward-Facing Dog" into a balancing position on your hands. While exhaling slowly, lower yourself, pushing your left leg through between your arms, and pass your right leg sideways over your right arm. With the concluding inhalation, place the foot behind the head and position your hands in front of your heart.

Vinyāsa 8 – Exhalation, Inhalation, 5 breaths, Exhalation:
Place your hands on the floor, lift yourself up as you exhale, briefly bringing your left shin towards your chin. While exhaling, draw your pelvis upward and eventually place the foot of your extended left leg on the floor. Inhale slowly as you stand up and unite your hands in front of your heart. Remain until the fifth exhalation. With this exhalation, bend forward in preparation for the next Vinyāsa and place your hands.

Tip: To make standing up more feasible, you can support yourself with both hands on your left thigh.

Vinyāsa 9 – Inhalation:
Swing upward as you inhale. Briefly balance on your hands while pulling your left shin towards your chin.

Vinyāsa 10 to 12:
Follow the movement flow you are already familiar with until you come to a halt in "Downward-Facing Dog."

Vinyāsa 13 to 18:
Now repeat the entire movement flow (Vinyāsa 7 to 12) on the other side.

In the traditional count: Proceed directly into the movement flow of the next posture.

Effect: Durvāsana combines balance training, hip opening, and strength.

Fotograf: Richard Pilnick - www.richardpilnick.com

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