3rd Series - Sthira Bhaga


kaśyapasubstantive masculineName eines Ṛṣi, Schildkröte
āsanasubstantive neuterSitz, Haltung

Legend: Kaśyapa is mentioned in many ancient Hindu texts. According to legend, Kaśyapa was a sage who divided the Earth into seven continents and populated them through his descendants. Kaśyapa and his wife, Aditi, had 33 sons and daughters, including the nine planets and their associated deities. He was also known as the creator of humanity. In addition, he taught people about life and spiritual wisdom, making him one of the fathers of the Vedic tradition.

In Traditional Count: Begin directly from the pose of "Downward-Facing Dog" in the previous sequence of movements.

Vinyāsa 7 - Inhalation, Exhalation:
Inhale and jump from "Downward-Facing Dog" into a balancing position on your hands. As you exhale slowly lower yourself, slide your left leg between your arms, and lift your right leg past the right arm. With the final inhalation, place your foot behind your head and position your hands in front of your heart.

Vinyāsa 8 – Exhalation, 5 breaths, Exhalation:
Place your hands on the ground, lift yourself up while briefly bringing your left shin toward your chin. From here, lift off and lay flat on your back in the same motion. Stay for five breaths. With the fifth exhalation, use your left leg's momentum to prepare for the next Vinyāsa.

Try: Pattabhi Jois wanted the extended leg (left) to remain on the ground, even if the knee slightly bends. With practice, you can gradually straighten it more and bring your head closer to the ground.

Vinyāsa 9 – Inhalation, Exhalation:
Support your hands and roll up as you inhale. Briefly balance on your hands while bringing your left shin toward your chin. Exhale as you sit down with the same motion. Bring your hands together in front of your heart.

Vinyāsa 10 to 13:
Follow the familiar sequence of movements until you reach "Downward-Facing Dog."

Vinyāsa 14 to 20:
Now, repeat the entire sequence (Vinyāsa 7 to 13) on the other side.

In traditional counting: Proceed directly to the sequence of movements for the next pose from here.

Effect: As an intense hip opener, Kaśyapāsana develops flexibility, especially in the external rotation of the hip.

Fotograf: Richard Pilnick - www.richardpilnick.com

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