3rd Series - Sthira Bhaga


ūrdhvaadjectiveaufgerichtet, aufrecht, erhoben
kukkuṭasubstantive masculineHahn
āsanasubstantive neuterSitz, Haltung

Symbolism: Ūrdhva Kukkuṭāsana C embodies the mastery of 'Prāṇa', the life force. In this challenging pose, 'Prān.a' is symbolically activated and directed upwards to support the flow of energy through the chakras. This process reflects the yogic concept that mastering 'Prāṇa' can create a deeper connection to the universe and the inner layers of consciousness.
Moreover, Ūrdhva Kukkuṭāsana C requires the utmost concentration and balance. These qualities are essential keys in the mythological tales of yogis and sages who, through meditation and asceticism, are able to achieve extraordinary states of consciousness. In this way, Ūrdhva Kukkuṭāsana becomes a physical representation of the inner peace and stability needed to calm the mind and focus on the spiritual quest.
In practice, Ūrdhva Kukkuṭāsana C thus not only represents a physical posture but also symbolizes the fusion of energy control and mental discipline, which are the cornerstones of the yogic search for enlightenment.

In the traditional count: Begin directly from "Downward-Facing Dog" pose in the previous sequence.

Vinyāsa 7 - Inhale, Exhale, Inhale
Leap inhaling from "Downward-Facing Dog" into arm balance. Lower yourself with an exhale to a seated position. Extend your legs for Daṇḍāsana and inhale once again.

Vinyāsa 8 – Exhale:
With an exhale, fold your right leg and then your left into the Lotus position.

Vinyāsa 9 - Inhale, 5 breaths:
Now inhale and draw your knees towards your torso, while your shins slide up over your straightened arms. Remain here until the fifth exhalation.

Tip: Sliding up with the shins becomes easier the more you activate your core and round your back.

Vinyāsa 10 - Inhale:
Inhale and lift your folded legs to transition into an arm balance.

Vinyāsa 11 to 13:
Follow the movement flow you are already familiar with until you come to a halt in "Downward-Facing Dog."

In the traditional count: Proceed directly into the movement flow of the next posture.

Effect: Ūrdhva Kukkutasana C strengthens the wrists and forearms and supports the stability of the lower back. This challenging pose enhances attentiveness. It equally challenges the mind and body.

Fotograf: Richard Pilnick - www.richardpilnick.com

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