Primary Series (Yoga Chikitsa)


vīrabhadrasubstantive masculine
a militant god who was created through Śiva
āsanasubstantive neuterseat, posture

This pose comes directly following downward facing dog at the end of a vinyasa.

Vinyāsa 7 – Inhale. 5 breaths. inhalte:
Place your left foot on the edge of your mat at a 45 degree angle. Raise your right foot and place it down at the front right of your mat, close to your right hand. Inhale your arms upward until the palms press into one another. Stay for five breaths and one more inhalation. 

Caution: In this pose, the foundation is key. Place the feet wide enough that two fists distance can be measured between them. The line runs fron the second toe of the front leg to about two fists to the inside of the back heel.  The back foot is clearly turned outward (about 45 degrees). This gives the pose stability and offers the pelvis the needed space to turn forwards. 

Vinyāsa 8 – Exhale. 5 breaths:
Exhale and turn to the opposite side. Reposition the feel to mirror the first side. This means place the feet two fists apart and turn the back foot outward about 45 degrees so that your pelvis can reach across towards the new front. 

Continue to breathe and create space as you lengthen the arms from the shoulder blades upwards.

The next movements continue directly into the next posture, without a vinyasa in between (this is greyed out, the description is found on the following page.

Effect: A stable foundation and a breath led lengthening upwards are the main focuses in the pose Vīrabhadrāsana. In this way Vīrabhadrāsana A strengthens the legs, develops stability in the torso and creates space in the upper thoracic region. 

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