Primary Series (Yoga Chikitsa)


purvaadjectiveforwards, before, earlier, front
āsanasubstantive neuterseat, posture

Direct from Downward dog of the last vinyasa.

Vinyāsa 7: Inhale. Exhale:
Inhale and swing the feet through and balance on your hands. Exhale as you lower yourself down to the ground. Place your hands behind your back with the fingers wide and pointing slightly outwards. Root the soles of the feet on the ground as far as possible from the pelvis. 

Note: Develop a backbend starting here by lifting the heart center and activating the muscles of the back. Bend your elbows slightly and slide your shoulders back towards your arms. 

Vinyāsa 8 - Inhale. 5 Breaths. Inhale:
Inhale as you lift your pelvis as you forcefully push the legs from the floor. Until the fifth exhalation grow the arms from the shoulder blades. Stay here as you inhale again. 

Try this: In the traditional form, the feet are closed together and the legs are stretched long while the torso creates a slight backbend. The soles of the feet remain in contact with the floor with their natural arch. 

Vinyāsa 9 - Exhale:
Exhale lowering down. 

Vinyāsa 10 bis 13:
Follow the flow of movements as you know them until downward facing dog. 

In the traditional count, you go directly into the movements of the next posture.

Effect: Pūrvottānāsana, pose that stretches the front of the body, activates the muscles connected with the entire back line of fascia. This is an essential counter-pose for the previous poses of (paścimottanāsana).

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