Primary Series (Yoga Chikitsa)


marīcisubstantive masculineRay of light, name of a Mahārṣi who was born from Brahmās spirit. He is one of the seven sages and father of Kaśyapa. Marīci participated in the celebration of Arjuna’s birth
āsanasubstantive neuterseat, posture

Directly from downward dog in the previous sequence of movements.

Vinyāsa 7: Inhale, Exhale, Inhale:
Inhale from downward dog as you slide your legs through and balance on your hands. Exhale and lower yourself down slowly between your arms. Place your right foot about a fist distance from your left thigh and drawn in as close as possible to your pelvis.  Your left leg is straight forward and the right knee ist directed upwards. Reach around with a sweeping movement of the right arm to wrapt the right arm around the right shin and then all the way around to grasp the left wrist. Lengthen the spine and look upwards. 

Note: At first, tilt the torso past your thigh toward the front past your thigh. It helps at first to let the thigh fall to the side a bit. Once you have gotten deep into the pose, actively draw the inner thigh back in towards the side body. Your shoulder will be in front of the shin and your arm will easily be able to reach back. If there is distance between the shin and the side body, it will create a lever at the shoulder joint which should be avoided. 

Vinyāsa 8: Exhale, 5 Breaths:
Exhale and lower your upper body down until your chin reaches your left shin. Your gaze is toward the left foot. Stay here until the fifth exhalation. 

Try this: Be aware of the direction that your left foot is pointing. If it falls to the side, tilt the entire pelvis and rotate the left half of the pelvis inwards. This will bring the toes to a more vertical position and stabilizes the pose. 

Vinyāsa9: Inhale, Exhale:
Inhale and lift your torso up while maintaining the bind. Stay here for an exhale. 

Vinyāsa 10 to 13:
Follow the flow of movements that you already know up to downward dog. 

Vinyāsa 14 to 20:
Repeat the sequence of movements on the second side until you are again in downward dog. 

In the traditional count, change here directly into the flow of movements of the next posture.

Effect: The right thigh moves back and past the torso in Marīcyāsana A. As a result the joint capsule unwinds and creates space. The cartilage an soak up new nutrients like a sponge.

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