The AYI Methode distinguishes 3 types of Yoga Classes. Get to know the differences of the concepts here.

AYI® Inspired Ausbildung - Milestep 1
  AYI Inspired Teacher AYI Advanced Teacher
Basic / Precision Class Basic Class: Systematic Learning for beginners
basic modification for beginners
Precision Class: sophisticated subjects
Themed classes: AYI Prenatal, Seniores, Kids, …
Spezial classes: AYI Aerial, Restorative, ...
Led Class Basic Modification
Full Form
til Purvottanasana
flexible modification
Traditional Form
1st Series or possibly beyond
Mysore Style Assisting possible after speaking with an AdvanceTeacher costum care
1st Series possibly beyond


  • As an AYI Inspired teacher you are able to teach an AYI Basic class.
  • As an AYI Advanced teacher you are able to create classes for advanced as well as special needs students and are able to offer more detailed key aspects.

Basic / Precision Class

In this type of class the aim is to explicitly introduce the participant to various aspects of the Yoga practice. This means these classes are the ones the teacher has to prepare the most for. Before class the teacher should be clear on what he wants to teach and what types of students most likely will attend. "Each class is prepared by the teacher before hand and has a clearly defined didactic aim!"
Such classes typically are attended by beginning students to gain an understanding of the yogic ideas, concepts and the practice of Yoga itself.
These beginner classes are called "AYI Basic" or "AYI Beginner" Class.
The teachers job is to think about what is interesting for the beginning student and work out a clear theme for the class connected with a didactic lesson.
These classes are also valuable for experianced students to familiarize themselves with certain aspects of the Yoga practise. For example alignment or the hand stand could be interesting for an experianced student as well as the yogic philosophy and wants to learn more about it in class.
These type of classes are called "AYI Precision" ord "AYI Technique". In parts the title of the class conveys already the subject e. g. "AYI Restorative", "AYI Aerial" ...
An experianced Teacher can tailor classes for special needs such as "AYI prenatal", "AYI Kids", "AYI Seniors".....


  • As an AYI Inspired teacher you are able to teach an AYI Basic Full Form Led-Class
  • TheAYI Traditional Form Led-Class belongs to the skill set of an AYI Advanced Teacher.

Die AYI Led Class

Like the AYI Precision Class the AYI Led Class also is directly conducted by the teacher. This class could be described as a special version of the AYI precision class.
In comparison to the Precision Class the Led Class has one rudimentary theme only. The announcements of a teacher are reduced to the very minimum. The aim of this class is to practice as a group in one rhythm. The teacher leads the student through the traditional Ashtanga Yoga sequence.
Because it is expected that the students are basically familiar with the sequence, the announcements are fairly simple for the teacher. For the attending student on the other hand far more experience is required by him or her participating in an AYI Led Class. Especially in the Traditional Form it's very important that the student knows his/hers customized modifications.
We differentiate the "AYI Basic Full Form" from the "AYI Traditional Form"

AYI Basic Full Form

  • The exercises are practised in the safe Basic modification mode.
  • Each exercise starts and ends in Samasthitiḥ.
  • Between all standing poses there is one Vinyāsa.

AYI Traditional Form

  • The teacher provides the necessary space for the student to adapt the announced posture to the students individual needs.
  • One posture is linked to the next. Only occationally the sequence ends/starts in Samasthitiḥ.
  • Only during the standing postures a Vinyāsa is practised.


  • The AYI Mysore Style requires the most experience of the teacher and therefore is taught by an AYI Advanced teacher.
  • As an AYI Inspired teacher take the opportunity to assist in Mysore style classes to gain more experiance. This is possible once you spoke with the Advanced teacher in charge.

AYI Myore Style

Here the practitioner is cared for individually by the teacher while practicing in a group.

Mysore Style is the next logical step for the student after visiting a few AYI Basic classes. Here he develops his individual practice. Besides learning the traditional sequence, he becomes also familiar with the customized modifications of each posture tailored to his abilities. When questions or challenges raise the teacher provides the necessary support in form of personalized or therapeutic sequences.


  • As an AYI® Inspired and AYI® Advanced teacher (even while in training) you are entiteld to promote yourself in the Yogi Finder at
  • As an AYI® Expert teacher use the support of AYI® when announcing your Work Shops, Retreats or Congresses.

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