How to creat an AYI Basic / Precicion Class. Learn these tools to help you teach great Yoga Classes and inspire your students.

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At the beginning students get together in front of the room along with the teacher

  • optionally introduction on one small excercise to allow the students to arrive
  • official welcome
  • Introduction of the theme , focus point or aim of this class
  • Mantra
  • optionally meditation / seated exercise


Students return to their mats.

For an AYI Basic Class the AYI Basic Full Form Led Class serves for orientation. This means...

  • Basic modification
  • Full Form
  • until Purvottanasana

Depending on your goal or theme of your class more announcements are nessesary in comparison to a Led Class. Some of the postures might not be practiced due to the time available .
It's not necessary to do the Vinyasa count. However the moments should be taught precisely stop to stop.

AYI Advanced teachers offer more abstraction and possible themes or aims in an "AYI Precision" Class

  • Modifications are purposely tailored to the didactic aim
  • Full Form, Traditional Form and individual sequences interchange flexibly.
  • Used Postures can go as far as to the 4th series.


Eine AYI Stunde sollte im Normalfall auch eine Entspannung enthalten.

Empfehlung: mindestens 7 Minuten.


After the final relexation all students meet with the teacher

  • optionally meditation / seated exercise
  • Mantra
  • Conclude the theme or aim
  • optionally share experiances
  • farewell

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