Philosophy and Tradition: The origin and purpose of Yoga

Yoga is more than just a work-out! The physical practice serves one purpose only: recognising your true core. In this process, yoga philosophy will offer you a new perspective on yourself over and over again.

Philosophy and Tradition

The AYInnovation® Method - Traditional. Innovative. Individual.

AYInnovation® - Traditional Ashtanga meets cutting-edge science for a mindful alignment towards life - by Dr. Ronald Steiner.

Philosophy and Tradition

No Change?

Ashtanga yoga is known to be extremely challenging and structured. Nevertheless, it leaves room for development. A conversation about tradition and innovation, about misunderstandings and typical Western thinking towards Ashtanga yoga, with teachers Ronald Steiner and Janosh Steinhauer.

Philosophy and Tradition

In a few words

The Yoga-Aktuell interview with Dr. Ronald Steiner

Philosophy and Tradition

A vivid tradition (part 3/3)

Ashtanga Yoga practice is characterised by both a universal tradition and regional as well as individual differences. Up to a certain degree, many practitioners of Ashtanga Yoga feel at home in the world.

Philosophy and Tradition

The Founding Fathers of Ashtanga Yoga (Part 2/3)

In almost any German city, there is by now at least one school that inscribes itself in the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga. This yoga style shaped to such a great extent by Pattabhi Jois has also found a home in several other Western countries.

Philosophy and Tradition

The origins of Ashtanga Yoga (Part 1/3)

»Never changed anything« – was Pattabhi Jois's standard reply when asked by pupils where the type of yoga he taught came from. Pattabhi always referred to his teacher T. Krishnamacharya, who, by his own account, had taught him everything and whose knowledge he passed on in an unchanged form.

Philosophy and Tradition

The yoga treasure vault

When you have already spent some time on the yoga journey, you might ask yourself at a certain point whether you might now feel "advanced". In an interview with the YOGA JOURNAL Ronald Steiner, author of the book "Yoga für Fortgeschrittene“ (Yoga for Advanced Practitioners) written in cooperation with fellow yoga teacher and author Anna Trökes, answers this question and explains how a deeper understanding of yoga can be achieved...

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