The mystical yoga teachings of the Upanishads

The first philosophical roots of yoga can be found in the texts of the classical Upanishads, which are about 2,500 years old. This tradition of mystical yoga teachings continued in the later Upanishads until about 500 years ago.

Source texts and Mantra

Chandogya Upanishad: first mention of the Nadis

The oldest of the Upanishad texts originated from the 6th century B.C. – including the Chandogya Upanishads. This extract from chapter VIII.6 is perhaps the first mention of the Nadis.


Katha Upanishad: Nadis – Energy channels of the heart

The Katha-Upanishad originates from the 5th century B.C:- in this extract from chapter II. iii The discussion is about the nadis, the energy channels of the heart.


Yoga Shikha Upanishad: about Hatha yoga and Raja yoga

The Yoga Shikha Upanishad probably originated from the 13th century. This extract from the first chapter perhaps present the earliest known tantric view of Hatha yoga and Raja yoga. This Upanishad is also the oldest text in which the two terms are defined.

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