How about celebrating the start of the weekend with a creative, fun yoga practice to music? In this class, it is all about feeling into the moment.

AYInstitute Ulm

Breath and movement are combined to create new vinyasa forms and music adds an element of depth to the expression of each pose. Let the music help you to express yourself more fully through mindful movement, and feel the moment in a new way with the addition of sound. 

The class will be built off of the building blocks of the AYI Method, but there will be a creative element that takes you on a voyage that can stray from the traditional count or sequences of postures, and the vinyasa between poses will also take on new forms. Each class will lead to a destination pose or technique and we will explore creative ways to experience this destination in a form that is right for you. 

Let’s  flow…..


AYI Schulen
AYInstitute® Ulm

AYInstitute® Ulm

Steinhövelstraße 9, 89075 Ulm, Deutschland

Wir lieben innovatives Ashtanga Yoga! Dr. Ronald Steiner und das Lehrerteam des AYInstitute® Ulm hilft Dir Deine persönliche Praxis weiter zu entwickeln.